IP & Non IP, AHD, HD CVI, HD TVI, PTZ &Smart Wi-fl Camera

1. High definition analog solution
2. Audio video control over one cable
3. Strong signal anti-interference ability
4. Transmission distance up to 500 meters
5. Works on co-axial cable
6. Audio video control
7. Remort monitoring
8. Mobile application
9. Plug &play strong IR

1. Support AHD 1080P non-real-time encoding
2. Support VGA, HDMI 1080P full HD output
3. Support XM cloud technology, easy to achieve a variety of network penetration,one step to remote monitoring getting rid of various complicated network settings, easy and simple to operate.
4. Support various mobile monitoring (I0S, android)
5. Support web, CMS, center platform management
6. software MYEYE, provide SDK development
Vehicle Video Surveillance

1. Capturing video recording facility (24/7/365) in ofline mode
2. HD video quality
3. Supported daylight and night vission
4. Download and watch video in android application through wi-fi generated by the video camera
Access Control

1. Time attendance
2. Door control
3. Dio matric control access
4. Video door bell
5. And much more
On-Line UPS
Modular design, hot-swappable

1. Rectifier/Inverter:three-level control technology
2. Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load
3. ntelligent module and system protection design
4. Incredible low noise system design
5. Double DSP controller for individual power module
6. Total digital control: rectifier, inverter, charger and discharger
7. Output power factor 0.8 (0.9 optional)
8. High efficiency >95%
9. Inbuilt power distribution for input and output connection
10. Large touch screen LCD with plenty of information
1. Pure sine wave
2. Output frequency 50Hz
3. Output power factor 0.8
4. Large LCD screen
5. Full protection against over voltage /low voltage/
6. Low batter alarm and shut down
7. Surge protection, fully AVR, self-detection on startup
1. High end micro controller based design
2. High efficiency & reliability
3. Pulse by pulse current limiting with auto-reset
4. Battery deep discharge protection
5. Full protection against over voltage /low voltage/ low battery alarm and shut down
6. Surge protection, fully AVR, self-detectionon startup.
Vehicle Tracker
1. Detail track report
2. Historic photo report
3. Park report
4. Drive report
5. Engine on/off report
6. Mileage report
7. Speed report
8. Fence report
Remote Power Managment / Smart Power Point
1. ON / Off from anywhere
2. Vew the power and temparature
3. Schedule the on / off cycle
Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
1. Intelligent time delay system
2. Fully micro controller based design
3. High voltage cut-off protection
4. Latest IC technology
5. High efficiency
1. Network design & implimentation
2. Penitation testing
3. Networking security
4. System integration
1. Server setup & maintenance (windows server & REDHAT linux server) server upgrade & migration
2. Ensure backup all kind of server OS with configuration and applications with client's backup.
Citizen Band Walkie-Talkie
1. Hand held walkie-talkie
2. License free
3. Free band frequency
4. Distance cover 1-5 km
IP Phone
1. Continuous monitoring of all systems
2. 24-Hour network operations center (NOC) support
3. Free next business day parts replacement
4. Redundant data centers
5. Best path call routing
6. Two-way traffic shaping
IP Pabx
1. Linux OS
2. Web based operator panel
3. Capacity 1000 users
4. Call details report
5. Concurrent call-325
6. DISA (direct in word system access)
7. IP phone
8. Billing & consumption report
9. Caller ID
10. CIP & IAX support
11. Voice mail
12. Fax
13. Call parking
14. E-mail