Testing and Quality Assurance are the procedures to maintain standard in day to day practices and activities of a business entity irrespective of the field of implementation. Whether it be a real life practice, or practice in a corporate environment, or behavior and arrangement of the official procedures and functions, or a hardware or software component of an ICT system, testing for the standardization and assurance of the quality of the system becomes a vital need for a smart organization in this twenty first century world.

Virtual World BD. has built through years of experience the unparalleled system in QA and QC services. The solutions provided by Virtual World are well organized that ensure to comply with the client’s expectations and today’s technology trend. The system is featured with standard models Virtual World follows including CMMI and ISO 9001 as well as with the Virtual World standard best practices adopted. A strong and well trained QA Team having a great reputation and honor for Virtual World standard model certifications like CMMI and ISO bears the overall responsibilities in providing scalable and robust solutions in testing and QA Services.

Testing and QA services include, but not limited to, solutions and services like:
1. Testing service using manual system as well as automated tools
2. Functional and Nonfunctional Testing (Performance, Stress, Security, etc.) services
3. Consultancy in Quality Assurance and Organizational Process Control.
4. Consultancy for System Integration, Improvement and Enhancement.
5. Consultancy and Quality Assurance in the Internal Control Systems
6. Consultancy for Audit management, Issue tracking and fixing, Risk Management, etc.
7. Consultancy on Project Management and Software Development
8. Consultancy and support for Quick implementation and Certifications of ISO and CMMI models.
9. Consultancy support on Dash Board for measuring organizational achievement and areas of improvement based on data available.
10. Support services using JIRA for issue/bug tracking
11. Consultancy on Quality Management, Requirement Analysis & Traceability Matrix, Process Improvement, Project Management, Configuration Management, Test Management, Risk Management and Assessment, etc.
12. Consultancy on Total Quality Management for onshore and offshore enterprises
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